Beginners Pilates Reformer Course 

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Posture & Gait with Pilates Reformer (plus 4 free class passes!)£280

This is the best option for starting Reformer Pilates if you are in pain, have any injuries or posture issues.

This course gets you ready for coming to Group Studio Classes, Semi-Private (small group) sessions or 1-1s. 

You'll come into our Clinic and get:

1. Full Posture assessment 
2. 3D Movement Analysis
3. Full MSK assessment 
4. Full management plan

(please allow 90 mins for the above)

Then on a separate dates, you can book in for:

5. Reformer Beginner's Course (2 x 1-1 sessions (45mins each) with an instructor after you have had all of the above Posture assessments so that the sessions are tailored to your specific needs). 

and then finally

6. 4 x Class Credits  (to be used in Studio Reformer Classes once you've completed the Reformer Beginner's Course).

**Please note: This is only available to brand new clients and can only be purchased once**

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Sit the assessment 

With the course, you get access to all the online course content and can sit the online assessment and receive your certificate of passing the course. You will receive your certificate instantly in your email.

Example classes and sessions 

Example of a Semi-private Pilates Reformer Tower class. 

Example of Post surgery (hip replacement) rehab session 

1-1 Format:
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  • 1xPosture & Gait with Pilates Reformer (plus 4 free class passes!)£280

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Starting if you have injuries or more complex needs
What's Included:

Full Posture assessment 

3D Movement Analysis

Full MSK assessment 

Full management plan

Pilates Beginner's Reformer Course: 2 x Pilates Reformer 1-1 sessions 

4 Class Credits  

The Beginner's Course is delivered over two x 1-1 sessions (45 mins each) - just you and an instructor. This Course must be completed after you have had your Posture, Gait & MSK Assessments. 

This course will teach you how to get the most from Pilates. You will learn about the Reformer and how to use this amazing machine to get in the best health. 

Improve your core awareness and activation, balance out your body imbalances  

What next?

Full access to Pilates Reformer Fundamentals online course to help you learn - you will have access to this for life 1 month free access to our on demand service TYPP Anytime - allowing you to practise Pilates classes (in the mat-work format) at home. (RRP: £24.99) 

On completion of your Reformer Beginner's Course (and online assessment), you will receive a certificate of attendance and will then be able to book and safely participate in our studio reformer classes. 

The joy of this is you can complete the course at times that work for you. When you book you will be emailed the dairy link to book your first 1-1.

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Example of a client getting her Gait & MSK assessment 

See some examples of the things you will learn:

Example of a client rehab session